{Healthy Eating} Spicy Sausage and Couscous Hash

7:00 am

Watching the occasional 'My Kitchen Rules' episode, I can only imagine that if the judges were to taste this dish, they would comment that this combination of ingredients provides the perfect balance. 

For me I think it's all about texture. Without the sausage, this dish would just be soft veggies. The harder texture of the Kranskys really cuts through the softness of the other ingredients and the spiciness cuts through the otherwise somewhat blandness. The peppers provide a pop of colour and the couscous, takes the combination from side dish to dinner by adding that filling feeling. 

Either way, it was a winner in our household and went down a treat.

Here's what you'll need:
2 Potatoes, Diced
1 Kumara (Sweet Potato), Diced
6 Kransky Sausages or 3 (ish) chorizos, Sliced
3 Coloured Capsicums (Bell Peppers), Diced
1 Onion, Diced
1 Cup Couscous
1 Tspn Chicken Stock Powder + 1 Cup Boiling Water OR 1 Cup Chicken Stock
Cooking Oil

  • You'll need two pans going at once for today's recipe
  • In your largest pan, get your potato and kumara cubes onto the heat and continue to occasionally toss around the pan until they are cooked through and starting to brown
  • In another pan, fry your spicy sausage until colour starts to appear on the cut ends
  • At this stage, add to the sausage pan your capsicums and onion and keep everything on the heat until these have sweat through and softened
  • In the meantime, place your couscous into a dish and add your chicken stock
  • Cover and leave for 10 minutes to absorb the moisture
  • Fork through your couscous and this, along with the sausage mix into your potato pan and mix everything together before dishing up and serving hot

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