{Quilting} Week 10 - Finishing The Quilt

7:00 am

Block a Week - Quilting for Beginners
WEEK 10 : Finishing the Quilt

Congratulations, by now you have completed nine quilt blocks and now it's time to piece these together to form your blanket.

With just a few white borders, some padding and a cotton backing piece, your quit will be complete within the day.

When it comes to the actual 'quilting' part of this project, this is where your own creative licence comes in to play. Personally, after spending so many hours putting my blocks together, I didn't want to risk sewing over the top of them. I chose just to sew around the central block to ensure the layers of the blanket stay together during use and washing. 

I'd love to see though what creative ideas you come up with your own quilt.

To view the video tutorial, click the link above.
To purchase the step-by-step written instructions with full colour, step-by-step photos for the entire 9 Block Quilt Project, please visit my Etsy Store.

So, that concludes my 10 Part Quilting for Beginners Series. I hope you have enjoyed learning new sewing skills and putting them to the test over the last two months. I would love to know what other projects or series you would like to see.

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