{Healthy Eating} Rice Noodle Chow Mein

7:00 am

If you need to fill a lot of mouths on a budget or, you're looking for a couple days worth of left overs, this is the recipe for you. Although I list the ingredients I used below, this really is a use what's in the fridge and throw it in kind of dish. The noodles are filling, bulk out the dish and for really minimal ingredients and cost, you'll be surprised just how many servings this meal can dish out.

1/2   Cabbage
1       Head Broccoli
1/4   Head Cauliflower
3       Carrots
1        Onion
500g Minced Beef
1       Packet Vermicelli Rice Noodles
1       Stir Fry Sauce of your choice
         Cooking Oil

  • Our veggies need to soften and wilt in a hot pan which takes the longest time so to start, shred your cabbage, grate your carrot and dice your broccoli and cauliflower
  • Get these into a hot pan in a little oil and move onto your meat
  • Over a medium heat in a little oil, pan fry your mince and diced onion until browned
  • As your veggies are softening and your mince is almost cooked through, take some boiling water and pour this over your noodles and allow them to soak until soft. This will take all of a couple of minutes
  • Drain away the water and mix through your favourite stir fry sauce 
  • Combine everything together with the vegetables and stir through until the noodles are hot before serving

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