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We've been living in our current house for 7 months now and after painting two previous homes, only to move not long after, I've been sitting on this one for a while until I decided what I really wanted to do with it, knowing that this one, we'll be staying in for the long haul.

For the longest time I didn't know where to begin or how I wanted to redecorate in a lasting way. Eventually, the first room I found inspiration for was the toilet room (after hours of scouring Pinterest). Then there's the main family bathroom. We wanted the two to tie in with one another knowing that the colours used in these rooms, would almost certainly be different to the more neutral palette for throughout the rest of the house.

So, before any redecoration occurs, here's some 'Before' shots and the issues in each room that I am planning my decor choices around. 
First up theres the Toilet Room, which in the end I plan to have looking the most radically different from these 'before' shots. There's something about making a tiny room, really interesting and inviting by way of paint and decor choices.

So, the upside of this room is that the tiling is already done and all the fittings (in both bathrooms in fact) are new, modern and working well. Oh, did I mention that the ceiling doesn't need to be painted! If you've ever painted ceilings before, you'll understand my excitement. 

The issues in this room, there is no storage (for spare toilet paper rolls etc). We have had no mirror in here since we moved in and the only place for a hand towel to hang, is from the back of the door on a dressing gown type hook. Oh, and it's yellow. Which is fine. Just not me. The floating sink does the job without taking up too much space but the exposed pipe work beneath means painting is going to be tricky within a tight space.

 Then there's the main family bathroom...

This is a massive room. So big, I wonder if in the original layout of the house, this was another large bedroom? And what you don't see in these photos is that in-between the toilet and radiator heating, is a walk in wet floor room, larger than the toilet room in fact where the showers are. Yes, two shower heads. 

It's a lovely modern space with beautiful white tiling half way up the walls, black contrast tiling and all the mod con accessories. My husband is keen to keep this room sleek and minimalist for this reason. The only two issues with this room is that there is no where to store spare towels. In here or otherwise as the what would have been the linen cupboard on this level, has been used to bring the radiator pipes up through to this second story. Also, the large blank wall space above the bath is a little too minimalist and is crying out for some decor or art of some sort. You'll notice that the both the sink unit and toilet are floating. So in keeping with this look, any storage we add will be on the walls, rather than sitting on the floor. 

So that's my 'before' shots. Be sure to stay tuned to see how I redecorate each space. I'm so looking forward to sharing the finished looks!

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