{Home} How to Paint PERFECT Stripes

9:13 pm


Step 1
Preparation in key. Wash down the walls if needed and tape, tape, tape away any areas you do not wish to paint.

Step 2
Paint your room in your lightest colour first - 2 Coats.

Step 3
Measure the room, top to bottom. Divide this number by an odd number of stripes. This way, both the top and bottom stripes of the room will be the same colour. Mark your lines in pencil.

Step 4
Tape just above/below your pencil line so your darkest colour will cover these marks.
Tape an 'X' on the stripes you do not wish to paint. It's a great visual barrier for preventing mistakes!

Step 5 - If you only read ONE tip - let it be THIS one!
Paint over the edge of tape in your lightest colour - 1 coat. Allow to dry.
Any bleeding underneath the tape will be your light colour on light colour!

Step 6
Paint your darkest coloured stripes - 1 coat. Allow to dry.

Step 7
Paint your second coat of your darkest colour. Remove all tape while second coat still wet.

The coat of light paint over your tape will have prevented any bleeding from your dark colour and you will have perfect, clean crisp lines!

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