{Kids} Marbled Polymer Chore Magnets

7:00 am

Two of my daily morning struggles involve getting Miss 3 to get dressed and brush her hair. In the evening, it's getting her to eat a decent amount of dinner. We've turned all these everyday 'jobs' into a game where stickers can be earned and in turn, rewards... and more often than not - chocolate! View the VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE!

Today, I share with you how to marble polymer clay and turn your creations into fun chore magnets for the kids to get excited about. 

I'm using Polymer Clay and some amazing metal Craft Stamps, both available at Doreenbeads.com. You'll also need some baking paper, plain magnets and a hot glue gun.

Here's how we go about marbling the polymer clay:
  1. Break off small sections of a selection of colours. Some small, some larger
  2. Work the clay between your fingers until it softens and becomes soft enough to roll into balls. This does take time
  3. Choose 3 coloured balls to work with and roll each into an equal sausage length. Fold the lengths in half and twist together. Repeat until you start to see a marbling effect, rather than a 'splotchy' effect of the colours
  4. Flatten with your fingers and roll into a thin layer on some baking paper
  5. Use shaped cookie cutters to cut your clay. Cutting them straight onto the baking paper is best so it's avoids the need to move them and stretch the clay
  6. Lastly, use your metal stampers to write your chores onto each disc. The trick is to quickly and firmly stamp and release for the cleanest finish in the clay
  7. Bake at 150c for around half an hour. The thinness of the clay layer means that is won't dry completely hard. It will have some flex to it and feel slightly 'plasticky' 
  8. Let the discs cool and simply hot glue them onto each plain magnet

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