{Step-by-Step Sewing} Kids Towel Cover-Up

7:00 am

If you've ever been to kids swimming lessons, struggling your way back to the changing rooms carrying the swim bag, with a cold wet toddler trailing behind you with a towel that just can't seem to stay on.... you'll need no explanation why this project is a great idea.

While the steps themselves to create this cover-up are super simple, working with towelling can be tricky. I recommend this for people with sewing experience.

Here's what you'll need:
Standard Bath Towel 
Fabric Scissors
Sewing Pins
Cotton and Bobbin Thread
Cotton Webbing (Double the width of your towel)
Cord (Triple the length of your towel)
2x Toggles


Fold your towel in half so the end seams align. Pin just below the fold line to keep the two sides together and cut to create two equal halves.

Place your two halves back together, good sides facing IN.

Along this line you have just cut, fold your towel in thirds and mark with two sewing pins the central third. This will be our head hole. Note that if you're making this for a young child, you may this middle third to be even smaller. It was a little too loose for my 3Y old.

Sew from each outside edge into the central sewing pin markers using a decent seam allowance. Around 1".

Then, fold back the seam and sew from one end of the towel to the other along both sides.
This creates a tidy, hemmed head hole.

Cut your webbing in half.
On the underside of your towel, pin your cotton binding/webbing half way down, across your towel.
Do this on both sides, being sure they line up with each other.
Sew along top and bottom of the binding to create a channel for our cord in the next step.

Cut your cord in half.
Take a match or lighter and singe the edges to create a fray proof end (should your cord be of suitable material to do this!)
Attach one end to your safety Pin

Thread though one binding, and then through the other on the other side of the towel. Attach the toggle at the side that both ends exit and repeat on the other side.

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