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Well, it's official. I'm pregnant. Again.

For those that don't know, this is my second pregnancy. My husband and I have a 3 year old daughter who will be turning 4 in a few months before the baby is due and this second baby has been a long time coming. It has taken over a year to conceive for the second time (our first daughter it took around 6 months) but given my first birthing experience, it has taken this long to even consider discussing the use of my uterus again! But here we are, it's happening. 

So, how did I know? Well, I had had a couple of months where I had reached 6-10 days overdue and then had negative tests so I decided as a rule for myself, I had to wait until I was 14 days overdue to take a test.
The month I conceived I had an extremely sore chest that would keep me up at night and felt like it was actually going to pop through my skin. Secondly, I guess I just didn't experience the normal monthly symptoms I had come to expect. So one night, I'm trying to sleep and I get an excruciating pain in my abdomen and I think, this is it, that's it for this month. It's on it's way and it's letting everyone know and then.... nothing.
When I first conceived with my daughter, the thing that made me want to take a test (although my period still wasn't even due at that time) was the tiny fluttering butterflies I felt in my stomach. When I felt that second time around, almost like your heart is in another part of your body and you can feel it pumping blood, I knew. My abdomen was busy and when I lay in bed at night, I could feel extra 'things' happening in there. So I waited another week, just to be sure. A very quiet week, full of lots of pondering. My husband knew something was up! Sure enough, I couldn't help myself, I broke the 14 day rule but of course, I was right. Pregnant! 

Given my first experience, I was keen to look for a different midwife and contacted one very highly recommended by friends that work at the hospital. She was on holiday (and still is) until I reach around 11 weeks. So I booked in with my local GP for a referral for a dating scan. I had been using a period/fertility tracker but of course the month I conceived, was the month I had given up diligently keeping it up to date so was slightly unsure of my dates. One tiny heart beat could seen. ONE. ONE tiny heart beat (thank you) and I dated on that day as 6 weeks, 2 days along.

Since finding out, I really have been just constantly nauseous. It's morning sickness that seems to last all day and always be present but subtle enough that I have still managed to function (mostly) on a daily basis. It's all great fun. No, not really! But you have to remember I'm looking at this pregnancy with the benefit of hindsight! I know exactly what things are actually going to be like and I'm under no illusion that everything will be ponies and rainbows. Oh to have the excitement of the first time Mother again! 

This time, I have popped much earlier. Second time around I think your body is much more.... relaxed than it maybe used to be and it's like, been here, I got this, I know that to. 

We decided to tell family and friends straight away. I figure, it is what it is, and if something were to happen, at least people were aware and could offer their full support. We are still yet to tell Miss 3. I'll wait until I want the world to know to tell her. Toddlers of course, are not great secret keepers! 

So that's my first update! Be sure to follow my 'Bump Watch' for further updates!

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