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BIG SISTER ALERT! I repeat, someone is about to be a Big Sister!
So the strangest thing happened the month I found out I was pregnant. This particular month, of all the months we were trying, my daughter (3) would run up to me, hands on hips, say "You're gonna have a baby" and run away again. She did this three times. I took it as a sign. She was right!

This may, possibly, we'll see, be the first and last time we tell our daughter that we're expecting a new little sibling in the house. So I wanted to go about it the right way, if that's at all possible even though, creepily, she seemed to know before any of us did!

First things first;

1. Toddlers can't keep secrets. Period.
Don't go telling your Toddler that you're expecting until you're ready for the WORLD to know!

2. Lay some Groundwork 
Earlier on in my pregnancy, we went to the library together and got some books out about babies and siblings and spent some quiet time reading them together. Planting the seed, I like to call this!

Then, I would casually integrate some of the things from the stories into casual conversation. Things like talking about sharing toys and what she thinks a baby might do during the day.

3. Tell them in a matter of fact way
When it came time to confirm the news. We picked a quiet time of the day when nothing else was going on, we had no where to be and she could comfortably absorb the information. They need to be told in simple terms that is easy to understand and in a way that also helps them understand the concept of time. In our case, we said the baby will be here after your birthday, but before Christmas.
The research that I did also suggests that it's best not to mention that Mummy is feeling sick or tired and use these as excuses not to play with them because we don't want them to see the baby as the reason everyone is tired and grumpy and won't play anymore.  

4. Look through baby photos
After telling her, we promptly got out the baby album from when I was pregnant and when she was younger. We looked at how big Mummy's tummy got and the photos of her when she slept a lot and before she was crawling. We talked about what babies do all day and how her new brother or sister won't be an instant play mate because it's a long time before baby will be walking or talking

5. Reassure them of their place in the family
We talked about where the baby would sleep and that they would each have their own, private bedroom. There would be times when she would have to share some of her toys but we could pick a select few that were not for sharing and just for her. We made a big fuss of how she'll be the BIGGEST girl in the family and what a special job the role of Big Sister is and how helpful she will be to Mummy once the baby is here.

Luckily, due to her age, she didn't have any tricky or hard to answer questions... so far!
But all in all the news went down a treat and she's excited for the new addition. See how it all went down HERE!

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