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Well, I've made it to 13 Weeks and finally, I am starting to feel better!

So, where I left you last, I was feeling pretty miserable. I would wake up sick, feel sick all day and feel sick all night. I had trouble finding any foods that didn't make me feel sick and had an insatiable thirst that just nothing would quench. Well, the thirst is still there BUT, the sickness has gone and lets hope it was just a first trimester phase that is now in the past - fingers crossed!

The last couple of weeks have been busy ones. I have met my new midwife for the first time, had my 12 week ultrasound and starting on preparing baby's room for painting - the most exciting thing of all for me! I am desperate to decorate.

So going back to feeling sick, because now it's a novelty to speak of it in the past!... a friend of mine who works at the hospital asked one of the hospital midwives what I could be doing to feel better. She explained it's a second pregnancy, that I was fine first time around but this time, was having an awful time of it. Apparently, she surprised to hear this and asked it was a different partner I was having a baby with. It's not. As apparently, the different genes of different fathers, can have differing effects on you. I thought that was rather interesting and learnt something new! Alas I just drew the short straw this time around and already having a toddler that I am running around after, doesn't help I don't think. I am SO tired.

Now that the sickness has gone, tiredness has really kicked up a gear - just to keep me with one thing to complain about. I did the groceries yesterday morning at 9.30am and had to have an afternoon sleep to recover from it. 

I also met with my new midwife for the first time. Something I was anxious about as I really wanted to fully convey my feelings on how everything went down with my daughter and how I have huge fears of the same things going wrong. Because of this, I went into the meeting determined to ask for a cesarean consult.  It's something I really want and feel would relieve a lot of anxiety further into my pregnancy. She was very supportive and has agreed to provide the referral I need to meet with the obstetrician who will have the final say. But I'm one step down.

I also had my 12 week scan. There is only a week's window to get this down if you are wanting down syndrome testing done. It's a simple blood test and a non invasive ultrasound that records measurements of the thickness of the back of baby's neck. These results will take two weeks. Finally though, the baby looks like a really little baby, moving and twisting on the scan TV. Next time we see it, will be at 21 weeks when I am praying I will learn the gender - I have to know how to decorate, you know!

Speaking of the baby's room, we have started preparing it to paint. There's a reason we have left it empty since moving and it's because it was the worst room in the house and needed the most work and modernise and bring it back up to scratch.  

Oh! I also made my first maternity clothes order. Something I didn't bother with first time around but am looking forward to staying stylish with this baby and not just living in leggings and my husbands biggest baggiest t-shirts. I await the courier!

So that's me - 13 Weeks and counting. Until next time x

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