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7:00 am

Another month, another update and another few inches wider round the belly ;)

I am now 17 weeks, coming up 18 and Baby wise, Baby is now the length of an iphone (how sad is it that we are comparing the size of our unborn children to technology now!?) and can hear me and loud noises around me. It may even be startled by loud sounds. It can recognise and sense changes in light and may even chose to turn away from it. Inside the womb, Baby is practicing it's swallowing and suckling motions.

Body wise, I am getting bigger by the day and my belly button has popped! Although it is causing some rubbing on my clothes which can be uncomfortable. All I am wanting to eat is peanut butter and jam on toast. It must be smooth peanut butter and it must be raspberry jam (Don't worry, I have checked with my midwife and it's a perfectly healthy craving as no one in our families has a nut and/or food allergies and apparently it's a great source of protein!) I have also been covered in tiny spots across my belly right from week 8 but they don't cause my any pain so forgot to have them checked until recently. It's not common but as they are not itchy or irritating me in any way, it's probably just my pregnancy 'normal' as I suffered from them with my first daughter too. I'm just allergic to the extra hormones floating around!

Midwife wise, my referral to meet with an obstetrician has been sent away and I'm simply awaiting a letter in the mail with a date and time (although I suspect they will wait until I am further along). Altogether we have discussed 5 main birthing options:

1. Home Birth - of which I will never do ever again. E-V-E-R.  
2. Natural Hospital Birth - air, gas etc
3. Full Caesarean Section
4. 'Trial Labour' -  where you go into labour naturally but set a time limit on things and if at that point, things are not going how I wish for them to be, I can move forward for a C-Section
5. Natural Birth with Elective Epidural

The last option was added at my most recent visit and is one that was not an option with the midwife I used first time around. From speaking with people who have had C-Sections, they have said they would have opted for this option had they had the choice. It makes the natural birth experience much better than I would have had at home first time around yet the recovery will be faster than having major surgery such as a C-Section.

Time will tell and I will keep you updated as to what the Obstetrician lets me do / talks me into / talks me out of!

The baby seems healthy and had a heart beat of 145bpm so place your bets now, BOY or GIRL!? I find out before my next appointment! (hopefully). 

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