{Step-by-Step Sewing} DIY Baby Cot/Crib Fitted Sheet

7:00 am

The measurements used in this tutorial are designed to fit the universally 'Standard' Cot Mattress size of 27" x 51" (69cm x 130cm)

Per each fitted sheet, you will require:
100% Cotton sized 45" x 69" (115cm x 175cm)
 Thin Elastic sized 63" (160cm) 

  1. Pre-wash and iron your fabric
  2. Lay fabric on a flat surface, good size facing up
  3. Fold fabric in half, short end to short end, good sides facing in
  4. Fold in half again, short end to short end
  5. Align all edges of all layers and secure together
  6. Measure a 9" x 9" box in the corner that has no folds and mark
  7. Accurately trim this box away through all layers
  8. Unfold to reveal your original rectangle now missing a square from each corner
  9. Starting at one square, fold one edge of the square across to align with the other, good sides facing in
  10. Secure and sew using a 1/4" seam allowance, back stitching at both ends. When you turn your fabric the right way out, this has created a corner of your fitted sheet
  11. Repeat with the other 3 corners. When laying flat, it will now resemble a fitted sheet, without the tight elastic edge
  12. Lay your fabric good side facing down
  13. Around the entire edge, fold in a small seam to conceal the raw edge and iron
  14. Again, around the entire edge, fold the edge down again to create a seam around 1/2" wide and iron
  15. Mark or pin a small space about 2" apart, anywhere along the edge
  16. Starting at one pin, sew your seam as close to the raw edge as possible to create a channel for the elastic and sew around to the next pin or mark
  17. Safety pin one end of your elastic close to the opening
  18. Place a pin through the other end and use this to push your elastic through the entire channel
  19. On exiting the channel, overlay your two elastic ends and stitch heavily using a zig-zag machine stitch
  20. Simply sew the opening shut and shuffle your elastic around the edge to create an even gathering of fabric
  21. DONE!

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