BIG Girls Room Haul

10:43 am

For our daughters fourth birthday, the plan was to re-decorate her room. Paint, curtains, light fitting, decor - the lot. Well, I'm a very impatient person aren't I and I just couldn't help myself, so, here we now are, a month out from her birthday and she has a flash new bedroom to call her own and I'm left wondering what present to now gift her next month!

I can't tell you how much joy it gave me to decide upon, shop for and eventually, redecorate this space. More joy than shopping for myself I think and it was no surprise that I was more excited about the finished space than she was!

Check out my haul video below for a run down of some of the items included in her new 'Pink Room', the majority of items from my new favourite store for decor items, KMart.

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