28 Week Pregnancy Update | StyleNovice Bump Watch

7:26 am

It's been a while since I last updated you all on my pregnancy progression. 11 weeks in fact! but in all honestly, my 2nd trimester was pretty darn cruisey. I've been referring to it as my twilight zone.
In my case, any sickness had disappeared by the 12 week mark yet you're not too big in the belly to be uncomfortable yet. I was also allowing myself that middle trimester to just relax and try not to think about how I'm actually going to get this baby out of me! That scary stuff was for worrying about during the last few months! So not a lot to update you on. My obstetrician appointments have been bumped several times which was frustrating and left me with even less to report but, here I am, still growing, sitting here in my third trimester now and now I'm uncomfortable. Check out my video below for the full update.

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