Huge Collective Clothing Haul

7:28 am

Sorry husband, but somethings got a hold of me! I've turned into a girly girl. A shopaholic even? Not quite.... yet.
I used to be the type to buy just thing here, another thing there and only when I needed something. Well, let me tell you something. That system, it doesn't make for a growing wardrobe as you're only ever replacing things. I used to get shoppers guilt if I ever bought something just because I wanted it and never needed it. Now however, I have found fun in saving up a larger sum of money and getting lots of new things, all at once, in one go.

Lately, my shopping aim has been geared towards postpartum clothing. Things that are comfy, practical (and easy access for feeding). Part of that I think is me telling myself that with two kids now, I may never get the opportunity to leave the house again and to get in as much shopping as I can while this still lasts.

Watch below for my latest haul! 

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