Baby Clothes Essentials 0-3m HAUL

3:37 pm

Shopping for baby girl continues! but having been four years now since I did this baby thing, I turned to the trusty internet to advise me on which pieces and how many to invest in for the first few weeks.

I had a big first baby and this baby is already measuring in the 90% percentile with 8 weeks still to go so we are skipping the newborn clothing altogether and everything I have purchased recently, was in the 0-3month range (which is size 000 when speaking baby sizes, fyi).

Everything below was a mixture of two shopping stints. Kmart (duh) and a Baby Factory online order. The remaining pieces were left over from my first daughter and still in great knick or not even worn.

One thing I learnt first time around was that I found myself saving our cutest pieces for when we went out visiting or when someone special popped by but, just like your 'only when the queen comes to visit china', you never deem the occasion special enough and they grow out of it without even getting a wear in. This time, I've shopped in a colour scheme so everything mixes and matches nicely and we're going to dress up cute every day!

Here's my list of essential items. (Thanks Internet)

5-6 Body Suits
(Always purchase these in a natural fibre such as 100% cotton, wool or merino)

4 Pants

1 'Going out Top'

6 All-in-Ones

2 Home Jumpers

2 Jackets

6 Pairs Socks (also used as Mittens)

1 Pair Soft Sole Leather Shoes

(I hand-made these so perhaps more than necessary)

 Check out my entire HAUL below!

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