My C-Section Delivery - I didn't fully numb!?

7:00 am

So, I know why you may be here. You may be booked in for, or considering your first caesarean section and you Googled didn't you!? Looking up other peoples experiences hoping it would help you sway either way. So did I my friend. So did I. Well I'm here to reassure you that the title of this post is not nearly as dramatic as it seems... but it is true...

More on that later. But all in all it was a peaceful, organised experience and having done both extreme ends of the spectrum (drug-free home birth with my first girl and c-section under general with my second) I would absolutely prefer another caesarean should there be a number 3. The certainty in knowing exactly what was going to happen and in what order, what to expect and knowing the day and time that everything would take place was a huge pull factor for me and ultimately, the right decision for us this pregnancy. So, relax! and read on :)

The below video is going to run you through step-by-step what happened on the day of my c-section from go, to.... baby! Grab yourself a cup of tea. Sit down and enjoy my story. All 17 minutes of it - It's a detailed run by run!


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