My YouTube Journey to 50,000 Subscribers

7:00 am

Four and a half years, a wedding and two kids later, I have reached the milestone of 50,000 YouTube Subscribers. Here's the run down of my journey so far.

(View the FULL run down on my YouTube Channel HERE)

I started making videos when I was on Maternity Leave with my first daughter. I enjoy cooking and baking and found myself watching Recipe Channels. These home cooks had turned their passion for food into a career. One that was opening up a world of opportunities for these people. Appearances, cook book deals and I simply thought, I could do that. So I did.

Initially, I never showed myself in front of the camera and I began my first channel on a cheap point and shoot camera with no viewfinder, a dinky 15cm tripod and the hopes of a nice day for natural lighting. To edit, I would borrow my husbands old PC laptop and struggle through with the limited options offered by Windows Movie Maker. My how things have changed! I now film on a DSLR, under artificial lighting, on a full size tripod (!) and upgraded to a Mac for the sole purpose of iMovie.

After a number of months, I gained confidence to show my face on screen and even wanted to expand my video genre. Having boxed myself into a 'Cooking Channel' there was no other way around it but to start 'StyleNovice'.

Well, StyleNovice almost immediately trumped my food videos by way of popularity and it soon became my main focus. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to have several videos go viral(ish). As viral as a craft tutorial can go anyhow which has greatly contributed to constant new audiences and subscribers being exposed to my channel and content. 

I vividly remember making my first money from my videos. 2 cents to be exact! But it was money that I had had fun making. The next time my husband and I checked my stats, it was up to 20 cents - quite the percentile rise if you asked me at the time! Now, YouTube has become a part-time job for me. It reliably contributes to our family income each and every month and as a part-time gig, I treat it as such. Declaring and paying tax on every YouTube cent made.

With all the fun and the money made, does come some downsides. Over the years, I have been (wrongly) accused of copyright and had to claim copyright on someone else blatantly plagiarizing my content. I have had creepy stalkers but funnily enough, not a whole lot of negative comments or trolling. Apparently though, people either love, or hate my Kiwi accent!

I have gone it alone and also been signed to a MCN. I have taken breaks, changed my content, changed my style, had some babies, moved a few times but every time, YouTube is something I always come back to. It's a creative outlet for me. A louder voice for me than I would normally have in everyday life and most of all, who doesn't love turning their hobby into a job that pays the bills! 

As with every year, my content will rapidly change and re-shape as quickly as life itself but I can sense, this year, is going to be a good YouTube year. This year, is only the beginning of my long time goal of continuing on to reach 100,000 Subscribers

Hear about my YouTube journey in more depth HERE.

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