A Block a Week - Quilting for Beginners

Quilting for Beginners
A Block a Week - 10 Part Series

Quilting is not just for Nanna's my friends! and if you're after a new sewing challenge, a beautiful handmade gift for someone special or perhaps a DIY heirloom to hand down the generations, this project could be just what you didn't know you were looking for!

Once a week, every week for the next nine weeks, I'll be sharing with you a new, Quilting Block Pattern simple enough for the beginner sewer. In fact, if you can sew forwards and backwards and have a little sewing experience up your sleeve, you can make a hand-made quilt such as this one.

On the tenth week after learning new skills like how to create Half Square Triangles and piecing your patterns together, we put every block you have made in the previous weeks into it's place within a 46" by 46" square blanket with a DIY coloured trim.

See my Introduction Video for the materials required list.

Each week, my video tutorials will be available free to view on my YouTube Channel, StyleNovice. However, for those who wish to use my written and photo step-by-step instructions, the entire 10 session course can be purchased NOW at my Etsy Store

This is a beginner level course and even my own blanket is far from perfect. Each lesson will vary slightly in skills but the difficulty level throughout will remain very much the same. 

I really hope you enjoy this e-course. I can't tell you how many hours went into creating this! so send me pics of your creations and colour choices.